About Us

Here at Midgley Motor Sport there is a lot happening and this site is a sure way of making sure you keep updated with developments associated with classic Toyota Rally cars, that are either in active competition right now, or prepared to original specification and available for you to own – now there’s a thought…

Ex British Champion John Midgley and his son Will run the very successful Midgley Motor Cars business in Skipton (see page on this) and in their spare time are actively competing in events both in the UK and Overseas in their classic Toyota cars.

This is Will’s Corolla AE86 which is a 1598 cc car and competes in Class C events from 1401 cc to 1600cc so against Peugeot’s, Fiestas, Renaults, Citreons and Mark I and II Ford Escorts that don’t enter the Historic events.

Occasionaly both John and Will compete in the same events which adds extra spice to the already competitive teams… 

The launch of MMS is to provide a central point of interest for anybody who is interested in following us or is simply just a fan of classic Toyota Rally cars – it is all here..

Keep checking back for more updates and keep an eye on our blogs on progress throughout the Fuchs TITAN 2012 ANCC Forest Challenge!

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