Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012

What a fantastic experience. Thanks to the invitation from Toyota, MMS took with them their AE86, TE71 and rare TE27 cars to be exhibited and raced on the specially prepared Rally Stage, designed by Hannu Mikkola.

To say the stage was slippery would be an understatement, so whilst this heightened the challenge of driving it, the spectators were given a treat in ‘drifting’ as the cars slipped and slided around the circuit – some not always making it, and unfortunately the AE86 hit a tree and will now miss the Greystokes Rally next weekend.



The AE86 is seen here in mid air on the jump, that even taken reasonably slowly due to the lack of traction still managed to get airbourne, and is a great picture courtesy of AE86 fan Nick Williams of






The Corolla TE71 about to launch into the stage driven by John Midgley.





The very rare MMS Toyota Corolla TE27 caused great interest amongst the Goodwood visitors and many were very pleased to see such a cherished car both close up and in action, seen here.

Hannu Mikkola and John shared a while discussing the days when this car was competing, and very competitive and another great picture courtesy of  Nick Williams of



MMS would like to thank both Toyota GB, and Toyota Europe, for the invitation and excellent hospitality at this wonderful event – we certainly hope to return next year!


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