Toyota Corolla AE86

The AE86 was a true giant killer when it was introduced in 1984. With rear-wheel drive and a 16-valve engine putting out almost 120 BHP in standard form, the car was ideal for competition.

It proved highly successful and competed in Group A, claiming victories all over the world, including the 1984 British Open Championship, with Per Eklund at the wheel. Almost 30 years on the AE86 is still used for rallying and drifting.

This car is currently run by Will Midgley in the 2012 ANCC Championship. It is fitted with some later-specification equipment, including a six-speed sequential gearbox and throttle body injection.

Engine 16-Valve
Maximum Power 180 BHP @ 9000 rpm
Gearbox6 speed sequentlial
AxleTRD 4.7 with limited slip differential
SuspensionBilstein coil springs over struts
Weight850 KG

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