Toyota Corolla TE27

This example of the Corolla has been built by Midgley Motor Sport as a tribute to Ove Anderson the sadly missed TTE President who Championed this little giant killer of a car back in the 1970s it would no doubt have been one of the most successful of Toyotas had it not been for the fact it only had a 1588cc engine with a maximum of 180 BHP at a time when Ford had a 2000cc engine with 250BHP and Porsche with 280 etc etc

The model however still managed some fantastic results in the hands of Anderson, Waldergard and Mikkola who won the 1000 Lakes in the car. It made its debute on the 1973 RAC Rally in 8 valve form with only 150BHP in a very low key way, but returned in 1974 as a full works car with its Yamaha 16valve head giving a very respectable 180BHP from its small engine.

Waldergard came in a very creditable 4th place over all and won the 1600 class by a very large margin. By 1976 Ove had managed to get a great deal of extra spec such as a 4 link rear axle and vented disc brakes all round homologated for the car and it was referred to as the Group 4 Corolla but in fact it was always a group 2 car, The only thing lacking was more horse power. Ove wanted to stick to the Corolla theme and even an idea of assembling the next generation of Corolla with a 2 litre 18RG engine was planned by some of the comps dep in Europe but was scotched by Japan as they needed to promote the Celica as the performance model.

This particular car has been built to as near to the spec of the Group4 Corolla as is possible with the parts still now available.

Engine 8-Valve
Maximum Power170BHP / 127kW @ 7000rpm
ClutchSingle sintered paddle
Gearbox5 speed
Axle4-link, TRD 5.1 limited slip differential
BrakesVentilated Discs
Weight850 kg

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