Toyota Corolla assault on RAC Championship

MMS drivers Will and John Midgley and local friend James Slater are all taking their Toyota Corollas to this weekend’s Tour of Hamsterley Rally, on Sunday the 28th based in Shildon, County Durham.

They are partnered respectively by Paul Slingsby, Geoff Maybank and Malcolm Smithson in the ‘brave seats’ and promises to be a real competition not only against the mulitude of Mark II Escorts, but also against each other in what will be a fiercely contested scrap amongst the forests. Will and John Midgley are competing in this year’s RAC Championship, which is bringing huge interest and support back into Rallying, and James is preparing the car for his entry in this year’s Jim Clark Rally at the end of May.

Competing in this year’s event and as part of the RAC Championship are rivals Steve Bannister and Marty McCormack, both of whom closely contested last year’s RAC Rally, with Bannister spinning on the last stage and allowing McCormack to win. You can be sure Steve will be out to make amends for that, and all in all the rally promises to be a real treat for fans of both classic and up to date rallying.

Teams are Will Midgley and Paul Slingsby, Toyota Corolla AE86, James Slater and Malcolm Smithson, Toyota Corolla AE86 and John Midgley with Geoff Maybank in the Toyota Corolla TE71.



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